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$FUEGO is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard powering the interactive mobile gaming ecosystem by Fuego HD. Players use $FUEGO to pay2play, play2earn and to purchase in-game NFTs such as characters, levels, weapons, vehicles and real estate.

$FUEGO is deployed on Binance Smart Chain so our gamers and users can achieve instantaneous low fee transactions.


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Players purchase gaming assets stored on the blockchain and win rewards they can use, spend or trade to cash out.

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Fuego Token

We're partnering with great companies and using the greatest solutions to provide players a frictionless user experience.



Arkane Network

Intuitive and user friendly interface so new users can easily join with little to no blockchain knowledge.

Binance Smart Chain

High speed, low cost decentralized transactions for a scalable, frictionless user experience.

Arkane Ethereum Matic

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Get $Fuego tokens and join the NFT blockchain gaming revolution. Our presale is scheduled for Friday April 2nd. 2021 on BSCStarter.
Early adopters get a discounted price and will benefit from exclusive rewards and airdropped NFTs.

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add Endless Runner
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add Purchase NFTs

add Bubble Shooter
add Android & iOS
add Pay to Play
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add Unlock Puzzles

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Fuego HD

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Buy Fuego Tokens now during presale to get the best price and qualify for exclusive airdrops, rewards and bonuses.

Presale price is 1 ETH:500,000 FUEGO. Equivalent to about $0.002