Play To Win Real $ETH

Rewards in Every Game

Our games come with a built in Ethereum wallet*. You can deposit, withdraw and trade $ETH for $MEX, our in-game currency. Play and win more $MEX then withdraw it or trade it for $ETH to cash out. The more you play the more you win.

*This feature is in Beta Testing Phase and may not function perfectly or as intended.

PRESIDENTIAL RACE Match 3 or more of the same token to Burst the Defi bubbles. Learn More Coming Soon

Our Games Are Awesome!

Our games are fun, entertaining and addictive. Plus you win $MEX for playing! You can withdraw or trade your $MEX for $ETH to cash out.

PRESIDENTIAL RACE Get in the ring and fight for the payout. Learn More Coming Soon

Use $MEX to Play

Our In-Game Currency

Just like going to the arcades “Insert Coins To Play”. Our in-game currency is $MEX, an Ethereum token. Use $MEX to start games and unlock characters, levels, weapons etc. Play to win more $MEX and withdraw or trade it for $ETH to cash out. The more you play the more you win.

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More Games
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PRESIDENTIAL RACE Awesome FPS shooter, El Sicario is on a mission to find and kill the Narco Boss. He raids every safe house and takes out all the Soldados to win $MEX for each kill and trades it for $ETH. Learn More Learn More

PRESIDENTIAL RACE Dia de los Muertos is our up and coming Zombie Thriller. Go on survival missions to find food, supplies and water. Win $MEX for each zombie you kill so start shooting. Learn More Learn More

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